LiAngelo Ball Rebels Family with Tats; LaVar Ball Angered

LiAngelo Ball Rebels Family with Tats; LaVar Ball Angered

One thing you might not know is that Baller Brand CEO LaVar Ball does not like tattoos whatsoever, especially when it comes to his sons.

It’s too late because LiAngelo Ball decided to get him some tats but did so without telling LaVar unlike his brother and Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball has some small visible tats. Read on…

LiAngelo Ball Rebels Family with Tats; LaVar Ball has the latest episode of ‘Ball in The Family where LaVar’s entire mood switched up after seeing LiAngelo’s tats.

LiAngelo explains on the latest episode of Ball in the Family:

When I tell you Lavar got me over crying the way he reacted to Gelo getting tatted behind his back ???????

LiAngelo Ball is more of the rebel of the family according to his father. His brother is already drafted and doing his thing finally. LaVar will hopefully back off and let his son live. As for, Gelo, he NEEDS his father on his @ss because he tends to get into trouble.

Last years incident in China changed his path forever career wise and the NBA, but he’s been playing in Lithuanian. How many dads can do that for their son? NOT many, but LaVar is more of a smothering dadanger.

He posted this video:

Lavar explaining to Gelo that he isn’t just upset about the tattoo. It’s more than that. LaVar tells his son its apparent that his son is disrespecting his family by getting tattoo’s. He says that he has three strikes against him with his earrings, you stole (referencing the designer sunglasses in China) and now tats.

The next day LaVar pulled his son aside to have explain what the ink means:

LaVar went through a lot to get his son back and he’s NOT about to let him do anything dumb anymore.

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