LaVar Ball Booed

LaVar Ball Booed

We all know that LaVar Ball is many things, NOT LIKED is probably at the top of everyone’s list, but he continues to push forward. On Thursday, LaVar Ball got BOOED by fans.

Although, there is one thing that LaVar Ball is good at, creating scandal and hype, because his son Lonzo Ball got drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo’s dad ate it up while fans BOOED his @ss. Read on…

LaVar Ball Booed got word after a tweet surfaced showing Lonzo Ball’s dad Lavar Ball getting BOOED by fans at the NBA draft on Thursday.

While the Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball with the second pick in the NBA Draft his father LaVar Ball was showered with BOOS while he left the floor of the Barclays Center.

We find it interesting because there has never been a moment where almost everyone who loves the NBA and lives in America basically hates Lonzo Ball’s dad. He’s right up there with Trump for most unliked in the USA.


Just check it and see how fans at the NBA Draft showed LaVar they don’t like him:

LaVar ate it up from his hater. In fact, he threw one of his Big Baller Brand hats out into the crowd and they all fought to grab it. Pathetic.