LaVar Ball FIRES BACK at Charles Barkley

LaVar Ball FIRES BACK at Charles Barkley

As always, former NBA star Charles Barkley didn’t disappoint when it came to speaking about LaVar Ball.

Last week, Charles Barkley didn’t hold back regarding LaVar and the incident with Molly Qerim which his publicist declared FAKE NEWS. Basically, there is NO LOVE for Ball when it comes to Charles Barkley. Read on since LaVar has some words for Chuck… reports that Charles Barkley didn’t hold back regarding LaVar, the father of New Orleans Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball and founder of “Big Baller Brand.”

Charles Barkley made his feeling clear when it comes to LaVar Ball. He said “whenever you see LaVar there is a village missing an idiot. We should keep LaVar Ball off TV.”

Well. LaVar Ball is now FIRING BACK at Barkley stating that “he wishes he could be me.”

LaVar as always has a lot to say about Chuck stating that “he is old,” and that “he is lost in his mind.” Ball adds that “that is what happens when your old, you get lost in your mind.”

His insults and jabs didn’t stop there, oh no, LaVar made it a point to say:

He know he jealous, Charles wants everything I got…Kids don’t come up to him, the don’t believe in him. Nothing. He wants everything I got.

Ball says:

He still lives in a village, tell him I live in a city…wow he still lives in a village?

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