LeBron James Caught Da Real Lambo Cheating

LeBron James

We learned LeBron James Caught Da Real Lambo Cheating after the Cleveland Cavaliers Baller expressed frustration with someone in his life making a BIG mistake!!!

CelebNSports247.com has the latest on LeBron James weighing in on his mom boyfriend on the flip…

LeBron James

This week it was revealed by an insider the LeBron James tweets were directed at his mother’s boyfriend, Da Real Lambo!!!

LeBron James aired his frustration on social media, saying:

“I don’t want to explain it, and no, [it wasn’t] directed at a teammate.”

We got the tip from a TerezOwens insider says Da Real Lambo strayed on his assignment, LeBron’s mother Gloria.

See, LeBron had to deal with Gloria getting all worked up when she caught Da Real texting with another woman. She was in a tizzy says our source. Our insider also tells us LeBron was not happy with Da Real showboating all LeBron’s money on Instagram.


Shortly after all the drama, Da Real Lambo’s page was deleted this week then put back up. Something stinks here and it’s NOT the locker room.

Check the tweets:

LeBron James


Check out Lebron mom and stepdad/team mate Da Real Lambo: