LeBron James CLAPS BACK At Unruly Bulls Fan

LeBron James CLAPS BACK At Unruly Bulls Fan

During last night’s game, the LA Lakers were getting bombarded by a barrage of hecklers, and fans who just wanted to see their favorite baller acknowledge them.

We get it NBA fans were fanning out, but one Chicago Bulls fan felt he had something to say to LeBron James since his team was taking an L during last night’s game on Tuesday. Read on to see what LeBron said to the unruly Chicago Bulls fan…

CelebNSports247.com reports that during last the Los Angeles Lakers comeback victory over the Chicago Bulls, a heckling fan in the crowd thought he would try LeBron James.

The Bulls fan quickly learned that when you come at King James you will quickly be dismissed like a peasant.

LeBron made sure to voice his opinion while checking the unruly NBA fan.

The man tried his hand in rattling LeBron by talking trash to him, but it didn’t work and backfired badly.

LeBron James clapped back at the man saying in one quick-witted remark:

Your lady embarrassed to be with you?

Shortly after LeBron clapped back you can hear the man’s lady saying “you had to say that to LeBron?”

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