LeSean McCoy + Ms DeCordon Hints Surprise on The Way

LeSean McCoy + Ms DeCordon Hints Surprise on The Way


The Buffalo Bills superstar running back LeSean McCoy is a taken man, because he is officially with his woman, Ms DeCordon, but the couple Hints there is a Surprise on The Way!!!

Get all the details on LeSean McCoy + Ms DeCordon on the flip…

LeSean McCoy + Ms DeCordon Hints Surprise on The Way

CelebNSports247.com just caught wind that LeSean McCoy + Ms Delicia DeCordon are an item these days and she is truly taken by his charm.

Clothing designer Delicia Cordon and Marcus broke up back in March of 2014, but it seems that Marcus Vick is still NOT over her. He tried to claim that  LeSean McCoy gave his ex baby mama herpes. Thankfully Delicia DeCordon shut down his messy and FALSE remarks last month, but now it seems there is more going on with these two. We know Marcus Vick is a bitter ex because of his action in July.

Of course Delicia clapped back SLAMMING Marcus saying:

“While your bitter ass is tweeting lies how about I tweet about what u did in 2012…I’m sure your brother can pay me off like he did others.”

Obviously Michael Vick has paid out some hush money to some people to keep Marcus dark secret a secret. But what did he do? Could it have something to do with his 10-day jail sentence that stemmed from his driving with a suspended license and missed court dates or something more?

The ATL native Delicia has nothing but nice things to say about LeSean McCoy since she revealed:

“He makes me feel like the only girl in the world! ??”

She adds:

“No one comes into your life by mistake ? #MCE #Mine #usagaintstheworld”

She followed he thoughts with this video of LeSean kissing on her neck:

He makes me feel like the only girl in the world! ??

A video posted by !???Delicia???¡ (@msdecordon) on

The couple made the news of their relationship official on Social Media and also peeking everyone’s interests after LeSean posted this message:

“WcE….. zero questions MINESSSSSSSSSS #surpriseontheWay”

What do you think the surprise is? An engagement announcement? A baby…could she be expecting? We will keep you posted on LeSean McCoy + Ms Delicia DeCordon relationship.

LeSean McCoy + Ms DeCordon Hints Surprise on The Way

What do you think it could be?

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