LeSean McCoy Off The Hook For Philly Brawl

LeSean McCoy Off The Hook For Philly Brawl

It appears that LeSean McCoy is skating free since the District Attorney says LeSean McCoy Off The Hook For Philly Brawl!!!

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LeSean McCoy Off The Hook For Philly Brawl

CelebNSports247.com has just got word that LeSean McCoy is officially off the hook in the Philly bar brawl from this past February.

If you remember LeSean McCoy, back in February,fans were fixated on what will happen to former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, who was awaiting a possible charges for an alleged nightclub assault in Philadelphia against off-duty police officers.

At the time, her said this to host Sean Brace, who runs the sports and culture blog PhillyInfluencer.com:

TMZ reports:

Well, it’s been 2 months since the incident and now LeSean McCoy has reportedly escaped prosecution by Philadelphia officials for a February nightclub brawl saying there was “insufficient evidence.” That don’t assume he will escape punishment by the NFL.

If you recall the incident went down at Recess Lounge on February 7th leaving two off-duty police officers with serious injuries, said Philly D.A. R. Seth Williams,speaking at a press conference.


Meanwhile, Sporting News reports:

Instead, expect something about “protecting the shield” to be invoked when the NFL ponders this one. Never mind that of all the entities whose images were damaged by what supposedly happened that night, the NFL’s is at the bottom, if it’s even on the list.

So, it’s extremely hasty to expect the NFL to pass on disciplining McCoy, just because no charges are to be filed over the incident that left an off-duty policeman seriously injured.

Watch the incident that was caught on video back in February: