Lindsey Vonn Has A New Man; He’s a RAM

Lindsey Vonn Has A New Man; He's a RAM

On Wednesday, Lindsey Vonn announced that she has a new man in her life, but she didn’t name him. We found out that Lindsey Vonn new man is part of the LA RAMS!!!

Flip and get the tea on Lindsey Vonn and her new man…

Lindsey Vonn Has A New Man; He's a RAM

Now Lindsey Vonn is NOT dating LA Rams baller, she is with one of the men in charge of the team. The man is, Assistant Coach Kenan Smith!

Vonn posted this photo on Instagram on Wednesday. She captioned:

“Tomorrow is thanksgiving so before my family gets here I want to take the time and give thanks. Even though I’m injured, again?…

…I have so much to be thankful for; incredible friends, an amazing boyfriend, my family and a lot of loyal supporters. With my Uncle’s passing it reminds me even more to appreciate what we have in life because you never know what the future holds. I hope everyone has a wonderful turkey day! With love??, lindsey”

Lindsey Vonn Has A New Man; He's a RAM

Lindsay posted a collage of photos and added her new “amazing boyfriend” LA RAMS Assistant Coach Kenan Smith in the lower right-hand corner!

Congrats Lindsay…he’s a hottie.

What do you think about Lindsey and Kenan? Do you think they look cute together?

Photo: Instagram