Lonzo Ball Girlfriend Denise WARNS Him About Cheating

Lonzo Ball Girlfriend Denise WARNS Him About Cheating

Lonzo Ball’s Girlfriend Denise is keeping her man in check, and now that he’s joining the LA Lakers, she is making sure he doesn’t stray!

Read on to get the latest dealing with Lonzo Ball and his girlfriend Denise, who is NOT hearing anything when it comes to cheating…

Lonzo Ball Girlfriend Denise WARNS Him About Cheating

Lavar Ball is making it happen no matter what with a reality TV series on Facebook.com called ‘Ball In The Family’. It’s a take on the old Archie Bunker classic, All In The Family.

Denise explains that she met Lonzo Ball in college, but she is making sure that her boyfriend isn’t going to get brand new when fame kicks in! Lonzo and Denise have been dating for 3 years. Zo feels that she is the one since she was there before he got in the NBA and had the money.

Daddy,LaVar Ball loves Denise and thinks she is good for his son, but when it comes to bringing other women around, she ain’t playing. She knows that Zo has lied to her in the past, and she is questioning her relationship. She has no idea what will happen next, but he better not cheat. Denise says if he does she will find out!


She is letting Zo know, “you better NOT cheat or I will find out!”  Hopefully she’s not like Lorena Bobbitt. In case you don’t know, she cut her mans dick off for cheating with a knife while he was asleep in bed. It was headline news back in 1989.

Anyways, Lonzo’s is packed up and heading out to start his new life as an NBA player, but LaVar feels his son has a lot to learn still.

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