Manny Machado “Makes Dirty Play” Against Jesus Aguilar

Manny Machado "Makes Dirty Play" Against Jesus Aguilar

Talk about playing dirty. Los Angeles Dodgers Manny Machado decided to take a cheap shot at Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguilar.

Read on to watch how Manny Machado should have been ejected immediately for his underhanded move on the field… reports that Manny Machado dirty play may not have been intentional but it could have wound up injuring Jesus Aguilar.

According to reports on Tuesday, Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich minced no words in ripping Machado.

Yelich told a crowd of reporters:

He is a player that has a history with those types of incidents. One time is an accident. It’s repeated over and over again. It’s a dirty play.

Brewers infielder Travis Shaw also called it “a dirty play.”

It’s a dirty play by a dirty player.

Meanwhile, Machado, 26, had this to say about the Brewers calling him a “dirty player.”

I try to go out there and win for my team. If that’s their comments, that’s their comments. I can’t do nothing about that.

Aguilar said Machado had apologized to him, and the two players briefly hugged when Machado reached first base in the final inning. Machado would not discuss the conversation between the players.

Machado added to the LA Times:

What stays on the field, stays on the field, between the lines.

There is no place for that in baseball. Machado should have been ejected immediately and he should be facing a hefty fine.

Take a look:

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