Knicks Marcus Morris Clobbers Wizards Justin Anderson With Ball

Knicks Marcus Morris EJECTED For SLAMMING Ball in Wizards Justin Anderson Face

Now, this is ridiculous because Washington Wizards Justin Anderson didn’t know what hit him! He quickly learned it was New York Knicks forward Marcus Morris who got himself ejected from a preseason game.

During a preseason game between the New York Knicks Marcus Morris unleashed his frustrations slamming the ball into Washington Wizards Justin Anderson. Continue on to watch Knicks Marcus Morris Clobbers Justin Anderson Face… report that during a preseason NBA game Washington Wizards Justin Anderson was CLOBBERED by Knicks Marcus Morris.

Aren’t preseason NBA games supposed to be a fun time where players work on getting into game shape and start to gel with new teammates?

That would be for some we guess. When it comes to Marcus Morris and Justin Anderson there was NO JELLING.

Marcus Morris seemed to dislike how Justin Anderson was playing defense on him swinging left and then down on his face.

Knicks Marcus Morris EJECTED For SLAMMING Ball in Wizards Justin Anderson Face

Morris, who is in his first year with the team and recently said he wants to bring the style of the 1990s Knicks back to the franchise, first seemed to hit Anderson with a vicious elbow and then he finished things off by pounding the ball into Anderson’s head.

It got worse and what is crazy is that the refs allowed the play to continue. Well that was until Morris decided to bounce the basketball off his head and the refs finally blew the whistle as Morris then tried to fight.


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