Marcus Morris Weighs in on Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson Sounds Off on Marcus Morris Screaming In His Face

Since Tristan Thompson was BUSTED for cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant his name has been MUD with most Kardashian fans and many NBA ballers.

To make things worse, Tristan Thompson was put on blast for NOT wishing Khloe or Jordy Craig the first mother of his first baby, a happy Mother’s Day. Now, Marcus Morris was caught SCREAMING via a Tweet that reads, “Khloe Deserves Better!” – Read on to see what Thompson had to say…

Tristan Thompson Sounds Off on Marcus Morris Screaming In His has yet another Tristan Thompson headline, but this time around it’s about Thompson is NOT appreciating Marcus Morris earful of him screaming after Thompson tackled him to the floor.

Things got real intense on the court during the third quarter when Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris scored a hoop and harm on Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson.

Take a look at the steaming mad Boston Celtics star baller Marcus Morris screaming in Thompson’s face.

The two NBA ballers continued jawing at each other before being hit with double technical fouls.

You may also notice that Tristan was pleased at being screamed at:

After the game ended, The Cavs big man was asked by the press if Morris said anything to him specifically that set him off.

Tristan can be seen sounding off on Marcus:

Morris, who insisted he was just yelling “and-one” after making the bucket, said, via

I tried to get the crowd into it, man. Get it going. I think that’s what changed in the third quarter. I think our energy went through the roof, and it was hard (for the Cavs) to come back from that.