Marcus Smart Ejected for Shoving Joel Embiid

Marcus Smart Ejected for Shoving Joel Embiid

Celtics guard Marcus Smart was NOT that Smart on Wednesday night.

The NBA playoffs are just around the corner so its getting tense on the basketball court, especially when it comes to Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart who was ejected for shoving.

Read on to watch Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart blatantly shoved 76ers star Joel Embiid reports that Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart was ejected less than a minute into the 3rd quarter of Wednesday night’s game against Philadelphia for a two-handed shove into the back of 76ers star Joel Embiid.

After a lengthy review, the officials hit Marcus Smart with a flagrant foul 2, resulting in an immediate ejection.

76ers star Joel Embiid weighed in on the cheap shot by Celtics guard Marcus Smart

Obviously, I was frustrated, because it was a cheap shot. I didn’t see it coming. It caught me off guard. But, I mean, I really don’t want to talk about it. I don’t care.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens added his disappointed with Smart, saying:

We needed him out there. Don’t get it wrong: We love all that Marcus is. And part of Marcus is his fire. As you know, a time or two a year it gets the best of him. But this is just a reminder of how important he is. He knows how we all feel and he knows we all love him. That’s just part of it. It’s part of a long season.

Smart left without speaking to reporters.

As the call was announced, Smart was cheered off the court by the fans in Philadelphia, and he raised his right hand to egg them on as he walked through the tunnel and back to Celtics’ locker room.

Embiid said:

Stuff like that, it gets me going, it gets the crowd going. And everybody knows that I play better when the crowd is involved. So, that energy was definitely good for us.

Meanwhile, Embiid was hit with a technical foul for his role in the play.


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