Marcus Vick Charged with Assaulting A Police Officer

Marcus Vick arrested

Marcus Vick, the younger brother of quarterback Michael Vick, has been charged with assaulting a police officer who was arresting him on a contempt charge in Virginia.

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Marcus Vick arrested

Yes this just happened, another day, another football player arrested for assault, but this time it’s Michael Vick’s little brother,┬áMarcus Vick who was Charged with Assaulting A Police Officer! has the latest via TMZ:

Newport News police said in a statement Monday that officers responding Sunday to a report of a wanted person found 32-year-old Marcus Vick of Marietta, Georgia, at a business. When cops tried to arrest him, he pushed one of the officers and ran away.

Vick was charged for resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and destruction to property. Apparently, Marcus had a a warrant out for his arrest stemming from an incident in another county. They learned that he was in town and found him at a local business.

Police spokesman Harold Eley confirms that Vick is the former Virginia Tech quarterback drafted by the Miami Dolphins was booked in his hometown of Newport for felony assault on a police officer.


He was taken into custody after a short chase and is currently being held without bail.

Now all Marcus has is time to think about his wrongs:

Marcus Vick arrested

What are your thoughts on Michael Vick’s younger brother Marcus Vick who tried to run when police caught up with him in Georgia over the weekend?

Was Marcus wrong for running? Do you think he was aware that he had a warrant for his arrest and that is why he tried to flea?