Saints Player Mark Ingram ‘Too Urban’ But Young Thug Is NOT?

Saints Player Mark Ingram #TooUrban But Young Thug Is NOT?

We have a very disturbing story that took place during Black History Month (only in USA) when 4 New Orleans Saints were in London. Wait until you hear what happened to Mark Ingram, Vonn Bell, Sterling Moore, B.W. Webb, that is leaving a bad taste in every ones mouth!!!

Read more on the racism that Mark Ingram and his teammates faced at Cirque Le Soir nightclub in London…

Saints Player Mark Ingram #TooUrban But Young Thug Is NOT? is actually shocked that a club in London would be this discriminatory against blacks.

When Mark Ingram, Vonn Bell, Sterling Moore, B.W. Webb arrived to Cirque Le Soir nightclub for their reservation the club denied them access. Instead they were turned away because the club said they were “TOO URBAN!”

What the F—?

What makes this a HUGE issue is that it was Black History Month makes and that is bothersome, but BHM only happens in the United States not the world. Nevertheless, that should NOT be an issue. These men are upstanding young men who are in the NFL!

Following the incident Ingram retweeted a follower who said that “too urban” means “too black.” He retweeted another follower who said people should boycott the “racist” venue.


Now before you sit there a claim it was their attire. Here is where we BLAST Cirque Le Soir for being racist.

They turned away 4 NFL players because they were “Too Urban” but they are cool with Young Thug performing in their club? Isn’t Young Thug “Too Urban”? We guess not since he is set to take the stage on Thursday March 2, 2017.

Saints Player Mark Ingram #TooUrban But Young Thug Is NOT?

This is sounding very racist. In fact, the story has generated a lot of attention in England and the hashtag #TooUrban is popping up all over Twitter.

Ingram said that he’s otherwise been treated well in London. The Saints play there Oct. 1. Even though he’ll be there on business, this story is likely to come up again at that time.

Despite the club incident Ingram had this to say about London:

“Anyways, this Shrovetide football I been talkin bout is dumb lit!! Ashebourne, England is an amazing place with amazing people! Crazy game!”

We’re glad he was able to dust off the BS he faced at Cirque Le Soir.