Martavis Bryant RIPS FAKE Friends Lusting Over His GF

Martavis Bryant RIPS FAKE Friends Lusting Over His GF

Martavis Bryant is a different stage of his career now that he is a member of the Oakland Raiders.

It also means that Martavis Bryant has no time for BS and is NOT willing to tolerate any of it. Read on to see why the 26-year-old wide receiver is lashing out at his friends to stop lusting over his girlfriend Deja Hiott

Martavis Bryant RIPS FAKE Friends Lusting Over His reports that Oakland Raiders wide receiver Martavis Bryant is FIRING SHOTS at his “so-called” friends to stop liking and lusting your girlfriend.

What we have noticed is that Martavis Bryant is only 26 and has NOT learned that friend don’t have to be told to stop liking and lusting his girlfriend Deja Hiott, because they’re NOT real friends.

First up, Martavis Bryant NEEDS to trim the fat and cut those “so-called” friends lose because they sound more like snakes. And no one needs snakes in the yard. You feel us?

A snake is always wanting what you got and just playing the long game to get it. Bryant needs to DEAD the snakes and keep it moving. At 26, its time to grow the F up and be a man, if not hang with the snakes and learn how life will be filled with drama.

Bryant had this to say about his “so-called” friends lusting after his girlfriend Deja Hiott, via Sports Gossip.

Martavis writes:

Lol when you some of your homies and associates on your girl page liking her pics lol don’t think I don’t see it I just don’t waste my time saying anything because you have no chance to ever take my place to enjoy the pics and continue to have dreams Y’all boys some weirdo’s Big Facts.

We hope he learns he needs to cut the MFs!


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Bad bish, small waist pretty face ….

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