Matt Barnes Doesn’t Know Who To Trust

Matt Barnes Doesn't Know Who To Trust

Barnes and the former New York Knicks Coach Derek Fisher have some serious history, but Matt Barnes Doesn’t Know Who To Trust!!!

Word is, Matt Barnes has more to say about Fisher on the flip…

Matt Barnes Doesn't Know Who To Trust

Since the heated fight between Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes over at Gloria Govan’s home things have continues to fall like dominos!

This week Derek Fisher was spotted kissing his ex girl, so Barnes felt the need to post this gem, via TerezOwens. But we found an interest photo of Matt Barnes and D Fishers timeline, which shows that Barnes replacement was under his nose the whole time.

Check what the gossip site RealityWhore had to say about the two NBA players:

“Although we may never know the full details of celebrity breakups and hookups we have our opinions based off celebrity news and gossip. So here’s what I’ve heard ……Matt Barnes who is or was married to Gloria Govan relationship went splitsville (some speculate Matt was cheating) Remember when TMZ interviewed Matt Barnes saying he and #badgirlriri were an item and #badgirlriri blasted him stating she didn’t know him? ? Well mean time Gloria was hooking up with Matts former teammate and friend #derekfisher who while visiting Gloria got his azz kicked by Matt Barnes who drove 95 miles to Gloria’s house where Derek was. Long story short…….. What are your thoughts? Are friends and teammates off limits regardless the situation? Gloria and Derek are officially a couple and made an appearance this week at the premiere of Meet The Blacks (shown at the bottom right)”

When in a relationship, you never know who is going to move in and take your girl. Look at this photo (above) and you’ll see why the Memphis Grizzlies baller, Barnes, #22, says, Trust NO ONE!

As for a rematch, Barnes knows his only fight can happen online:


Barnes posted this statement along with the photo of Derek Fisher (above):

“Folks got the game so ass backwards these days you don’t know who to trust!…On a lighter note, I had to post this, this sh!t was too funny to let side!”


What do you think about the Memphis Grizzlies NBA player weighing in on the man who replaced him, Derek Fisher?

Do you think Derek stole Gloria Govan or did she just fall for the former NY Knicks coach, since she and her #22 baller were on the outs?