Miami Heat Suspends Dion Waiters

Miami Heat Suspends Dion Waiters

Miami Heat Suspends Dion Waiters For Faking Illness!

Miami Heat baller Dion Waiters learns that social media is NOT your friend!

If you’re calling out sick from work you might want to be spotted posting photos outside enjoying your sick day off. Read on… reports that Dion Waiters should stay far far far away from social media so he doesn’t lose his NBA career.

The Miami Herald reports that the Heat gave Waiters a six-game suspension for:

…failure to adhere to team policies, violation of team rules and continued insubordination.

The suspension was inspired by an Instagram post of Waiters hanging out on a boat during a time when the team was made to believe he was unavailable because he was sick.

According to sources Waiters allegedly told the Heat he was out sick, then posted a picture of himself partying on a boat on Instagram!

This isn’t the first time Waiters’ has been caught for playing hooky. He allegedly committed “more than a half dozen team violations” from this season alone.

Last month he was suspended for ten games after having a panic attack from consuming an edible on the team plane.

When it’s time to trade, Dion Waiters might need to be prepared because we could bet his name is high on the list to get rid of.

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