Michael Bennett Book: NYTimes Best Seller Is A MUST Read

Have You Purchased Michael Bennett's Book on Racism In America

The defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles Michael Bennett released his biography, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable and we want to know have you copped it yet?

We previously reported that Michael Bennett is about to make white people uncomfortable. Read on to learn why Michael Bennett Book is a NYTimes Best Seller is A must read…

Have You Purchased Michael Bennett's Book on Racism In AmericaMichael Bennett recently said, “Sometimes being uncomfortable is the only way to save yourself from settling” He went on to add that he “hopes you enjoy the book ??”

What we are hearing Michael Bennett Book, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable is a powerful read that sports fans and people, in general, should read.

Michael Bennett talks about being Black in America and his own life experiences.

If you recall, Michael had an unnecessary run-in with police back in September

The former Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett night was derailed when Las Vegas police used excessive force while he was heading back to his hotel. The incident took place hotel after the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor at T-Mobile Arena on Aug. 26.

Former and exiled NFL baller Colin Kaepernick weighed in saying the use of excessive force was “disgusting and unjust.” One thing you should know is that Michael and Kaep have supported each other on and off the field.

Following the incident, Michael took to social media to explain:

Have You Purchased Michael Bennett's Book on Racism In America

Michael is facing 10 years in prison for the uncalled for incident back in September!

Now, Michael Bennett Book is telling his story growing up in America as a black man in his new book, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable. His book helps to explain what some white people can NEVER know. The beauty of Bennett’s book is he gives you his story through his eyes to allow none black people in America understand his point of view.

Hopefully his book will help explain Colin Kaepernick stance sitting during the National Anthem. Many people have weighed in on the controversial stance, but do they really understand the views of growing up Black in America?

Why Michael Bennett Book is a NYTimes Best Seller and a must read!

Recently Kanye West made a wrongful statement that “400 years of slavery was a choice.” Kanye instant was called out by hip-hop stars like 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Daz Dillinger, Snoop Dogg and more.

Have You Purchased Michael Bennett's Book on Racism In AmericaFirst off, “400 years of slavery” was NOT a choice!

African’s were ripped from their homes and taken to a new country to work, pick cotton and clean homes for rich white people. They had no choice, it was work or beaten or killed!

It is similar to Hitler ripping the Jews from their homes, putting them in caged camp and then throwing them into larger rooms and burning them alive. Was that a choice? NOPE!

These days racism is prevalent when police are killing black youth for no reason, claiming they fit a profile, we thought he had a gun or one of dozen poor excuses. Therefore, black parents worry about their children, since the police who are hired to protect and serve are the ones behind the trigger.

Choice is a strong word, and Kanye was ignorant saying that. When you look back on American history, everyone and every race have their story, but growing up black has the most scares in America. They were the most mistreated race coming into America.

The Indians lost their lives, and their land to the English who settled on Plymouth Rock, a day we call Thanksgiving. The day we slaughter the Indians but give thanks for leaving the rule of the Queen of England. Like we said, everyone has a story, but what Kanye failed to get his point across. That probably has to do with Ye NOT taking his meds.

Americans should know our history, ALL HISTORY, BUT NOT just white historical facts.

  • Fact one, Slavery was NOT a choice, but know what happened, learn from it, grow, and make change.
  • Fact two, understand each race point of view and their history
  • Fact three, some of our holidays celebrated are backward and offensive (Thanksgiving, Columbus Day)
  • Fact Four, STOP repeating our ancestors, and elder’s mistakes
  • Fact five, STOP self-segregating, be tolerant, we are all people, we all bleed red.
  • Americans NEED to STOP dwelling on what happened, learn from it, change it, we didn’t have a choice back then but we do now.

What is wrong today? Putting a wall between North American and Mexico.

Our ancestors all played a part in taking the land from the Indians, and some of those Indians are Mexican. Why are we allowing a billionaire dictate racism? He may say he is NOT a racist person, but it’s his actions. They speak loud and clear – you have to be blind NOT TO SEE THAT. This is why Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem is so powerful. This is also why Michael Bennett’s book is so powerful because the last thing people want to hear is the truth. Why? Because the truth is sometimes hard to swallow, and these days the millennial population NEEDS to grow a pair of balls and man up and STOP being hypersensitive to everything. Technology has made too many people followers. Everyone should have a day off the grid, no cellphones, no tech, read, learn, be wise, see what is happening around you because you might see the changes that NEED to be taken care of!

We recommend Michael Bennett’s book Things That Make White People Uncomfortable, so you can get a grasp of what it’s like growing up Black in America, dealing with racism every day in and off the field. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional NFL player or a fan, it’s a book to learn from.

His book has become a NYTimes Best Seller. He thanked everyone who bought the book writing:

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy and read this book. This means so much to me. #nytbestseller Thank you ??

Get the book TODAY…

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