Michael Vick Dad Michael Boddie BUSTED for Heroin Ring

Michael Vick Dad Michael Boddie BUSTED for Heroin Ring


Ex-Jets quarterback Michael Vick dad just got BUSTED in a massive drug ring in North Carolina. He was one of 12 people charged for a heroin ring.

Get the hot tea spilling on Michael Vick dad Michael Boddie who is 55-years-old. Read on…

Michael Vick Dad Michael Boddie BUSTED for Heroin Ring

CelebNSports247.com is shocked by this news, but this week Michael Vick’s dad Michael Boddie got BUSTED and accused of running a “large-scale heroin distribution operation.”

The operation apparently ran between January 2014 and May 2017. Boddie and 11 others allegedly moved more than 1,000 grams of heroin. But get this, Vick’s dad remains at large, plus, he’s also been charged with money laundering.

We guess the apple never fell too far from the tree. Vick, his brother and his dad all have had run ins with the law. We guess crime just runs in their blood, though, Michael has cleaned up his act and changed his ways.

The NY Post reports:

Only seven of the 12 made appearances at U.S. District Court in Virginia. Boddie remains at large. As for his relationship with his son, Michael is as follows. The current relationship between Vick and Boddie is unclear, though they have been estranged in the past.

Boddie said:

“He’s seen his father drunk, high. I used to [mess] with cocaine. He’s seen it all. He’s seen [people] drunk on the ground. He’s seen dope deals being done. He’s seen it all.”


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