Bears Draft Pick Mitchell Trubisky BOOED By Chicago Bullies

Bears Draft Pick Mitchell Trubisky BOOED By Chicago Bullies

The #2 1st round NFL draft pick quarterback from North Carolina, Mitchell Trubisky was picked by The Chicago Bears on Thursday. The Bulls fans are Bullies!!!

On Friday, Mitchell Trubisky learned that Bulls fans are NOT fans of his, even though he’s now the QB for the Bears. Read on and get the tea spilling…

Bears Draft Pick Mitchell Trubisky BOOED By Chicago Bullies

The biggest shocked of the NFL 1st round draft would be Mitchell Trubisky, after the Bears traded up to draft and nabbed him by surprise. Mitch, his new coach, John Fox, and fans were all taken by surprise.

Now, has noticed that some Bears fans were not delighted by Mitchell Trubisky being picked by the Chicago Bears. But guess what, it’s an organization choice and the fans have no control over it, so SUCK IT!

On Friday, Trubisky did what many new draftees do, he went to another sporting event in the city of the team that picked him. The only problem is that he wasn’t greeted kindly. Instead, Chicago Bulls fans BOOED Trubisky as if he was a trader or something.

It was so uncalled for. There were so many boos during Game 6 of Bulls’ NBA playoff series against the Boston Celtics it was said to be distracting.

Poor Mitchell Trubisky! [sad face – tear]


The Bears signed quarterback Mike Glennon to a three-year deal with $18.5 million guaranteed in the offseason (which was also highly criticized). But we have to say this. Fans need to get over it.

Give Trubisky a chance, and if he sucks then boo him!

Here is what Host @SportsTalkChi, co-host Cubs pre/post @CSNChicago, Host Kap + Co. @ESPN1000 9 a.m. – 12 p.m, David Kaplan had to say about the booing:

“Fans base booed Mitch Trubisky at the Bulls game? That’s pathetic and embarrassing. Kid just wants to help the Bears and fans boo? Sad.”