MLB Umpire Allege MLB + Joe Torre Discriminate Against Minorities

Umpire Angel Hernandez Allege MLB, Joe Torre Discriminate Against Minorities

Umpire Angel Hernandez made a bevy of allegations against Major League Baseball and executive Joe Torre.

According to MLB umpire Angel Hernandez, Joe Torre discriminates against minorities. Read on… is reporting that umpire Angel Hernandez sought permission to speak about related to his federal racial discrimination lawsuit filed against the MLB.

USA Today reports:

The list was made public in a filing by his attorney in U.S District Court for the Central District of New York on Tuesday. Among the 27 items, Hernandez asked permission to speak about without retaliation included allegations that “MLB has made professional life even harder for minorities in baseball” since Torre was hired as an executive vice president in 2010 after his long tenure as manager of the New York Yankees.

Hernandez’s attorney, Kevin L. Murphy, wrote in the filing:

Media accounts have sometimes portrayed Angel’s complaint in the lawsuit as reflecting something personal against Joe Torre: that is not accurate; the complaint simply points out Torre’s role as one of the leaders of baseball who is not doing enough to eliminate racial, ethnic and gender discrimination in the game.

Murphy’s motion for declaratory judgment seeks a judge to approve the list of topics that Hernandez wants to address “without fear of employer retaliation.”

Though, one of MLB’s outside attorneys in the case, Neil H. Abramson disputed Hernandez’s allegations in a response filed on Wednesday.

Abramson wrote:

Allegation that they have engaged in any discriminatory conduct as unsupported by the evidence, because any actions or decisions with respect to Plaintiff’s employment were taken or made in good faith and were based on legitimate, business-related reasons and not on any protected characteristic.

Here is one of the notable items on Hernandez would like to point out:

4. MLB treats African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos and other people of color as competent to play the game based on their athletic ability, but MLB does not do nearly enough to promote African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos and other people of color to positions of leadership.

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