MMA Fighter Sam Romero Can’t Remember What Happened

MMA Fighter Sam Romero Can't Remember What Happened

We previously reported that San Jose MMA Fighter Sam Romero was fighting for his life after pluging 5 stories off a highway overpass.

Sam Romero was reportedly left for dead after he was attacked and robbed then thrown off the overpass into ice cold waters. Now, the MMA fighter has no memory of what or how it happened. Read on… reports that this is the first time since mysteriously falling more than five stories Sam Romero is speaking on what happened.

Sam Romero says he still can’t remember the incident, but knows what he wants to do when he gets out of Valley Medical Center.

Romero says:

It was pretty scary. Sometimes I think about it at night when I’m laying down. I sit up and think about everything that happened.

Romero fell five stories before landing in the Guadalupe River. His body was discovered by a jogger eight hours later and called 911.

He adds:

I know I’m a little banged up, but thankful to be alive.

Romero said of the jogger:

I just want to say thank you for everything. Without you, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Meanwhile, Romero will continue rehabbing and hopes to return home soon.

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