Nick Diaz Posts Gross Puss Video Talks Being Poisoned

Nick Diaz Posts Gross Puss Video Talks Being Poisoned

This is utterly disgusting but this is for all you gross out fans who love this stuff! MMA legend Nick Diaz decided to show his followers a really gross puss video.

The video is so disgusting we don’t think we will ever unsee this one, thanks, Nick Diaz. Read on and also hear what he is saying about being poisoned back in 2013… may have or not thrown up in our mouth a few times after watching this, but we are bringing you this video courtesy of TerezOwens.

Nick Diaz posted this video of him squeezing something hella nasty out of his elbow to his Instagram stories. That’s definitely not right, but dude looks like he’s enjoying life.

Take a look at this really really disgusting video:

Nick Diaz Posts Gross Puss Video Talks Being PoisonedIn other news, Nick was approached by TMZ cameras where he weighed in on his 2013 fight against George St-Pierre.

The MMA legend weighed in saying he believes that “poisoned” before the fight.

Nick declared to TMZ:

I think whoever tries to make that fight, I’m gonna have to give him a backhand slap. At the end of the day, I fought [St-Pierre], they poisoned my IV with some kind of weird-ass drug. It put me to sleep!

Diaz continued:

I have 37 fights, been fighting for 17 years, I never slept more than five or six hours a night. I slept 14 hours, I’m like ‘What did you put in my IV, dude?’ I never had anything but clear IV. And there was something wrong with his wraps. I know they didn’t test us either because they were filling up all our piss inside little film containers.