Multiple BGSU Football Players Caught BRAWLING in Miami

BGSU football players brawling

Like we said, athletes caught fighting is getting out of control once again. Ray Rice will go down in history as the most violent assault on his now wife, Danry Vasquez is a close second and now multiple BGSU football players brawling on the beach.

Read on to get the tea and watch the video of multiple BGSU football players brawling on the beach in Miami…

BGSU football players has the latest on multiple BGSU football players brawling on the beach in the sands of Miami.

Exactly which players were involved remains unknown. However, school administrators said in a statement released Wednesday.

“Bowling Green State University is aware of a spring break incident involving members of our football program. The University is investigating. We hold all of our students to high standards on or off campus. Any BGSU student found to have violated the student code of conduct will be held accountable. The student athletes may also face discipline from the football program.”

Here is the statement which was posted on Twitter:

BGSU football players brawling


Mike Jinks, the head coach of the Bowling Green Falcons football team confirms that they’re aware of the situation and they’re handling it internally. There were no charges filed.

As for, Sports Anchor/Reporter at WTOL-11, Jordan Stacks posted this video that surfaced during the Spring Break holiday in Miami.

He weighed in on the incident saying:

“I’m very disappointed and we are investigating.”


What do you think about this incident and the rise in violent tempers within sports from college to professional players?
Do you think something needs to be done?