Mychal Kendricks Facing 25 YEARS in Prison for Insider Trading

Mychal Kendricks Facing 25 YEARS in Prison for Insider Trading

Things are looking sketchy for Seattle Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks who confessed and pled guilty to insider trading back in September 2018.

It’s almost a year later and now Mychal Kendricks will be heading back to court on September 25th for his insider trading sentencing. Read on… reports that things are getting REAL for Mychal Kendricks because his NFL career could possibly be over if a judge sentences him to 25 years in prison for insider trading.

See, Mychal Kendricks pled guilty to an insider trading scheme where he allegedly made more than $1.2 MILLION by plying a Goldman Sachs analyst with perks like cash and NFL tickets in exchange for private information.

The Seattle Seahawks linebacker Kendricks was originally slated to be punished for the crime last April, but his court date was pushed back to September.

We previously reported that Mychal was cut by the Cleveland Browns shortly after his guilty plea.  He was later picked up by Seattle where he served an 8-game suspension from the NFL for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, according to TMZ.

Yesterday, Seattle Seahawks reporter for ESPN’s NFL Nation Brady Henderson took to Twitter to announce that Kendricks was back.

He Tweeted (above):

Mychal Kendricks is back at practice today.

That means nothing at this point.

What we are hearing is that Pete Carroll might have to find a new LB less than a quarter of the way into the Seahawks’ season since Mychal Kendricks’ insider trading sentencing has been set for Sept. 25.

The Seahawks stud had his hearing postponed for unknown reasons … and according to new court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, that date has finally been set for Week 4 of the NFL season.

The ‘Hawks are scheduled to play the Arizona Cardinals that week, but there’s a chance Kendricks might not be with the team — and instead, be behind bars.

Mychal is facing up to 25 YEARS in prison for the offense.

The 7-year veteran started 3 games for the Seahawks last season, recording 2 sacks and 19 tackles.

If he goes to prison he will be very popular.

Here are a few hot photos of Mychal Kendricks showin off his best @ssets:

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