Why is Nessa Using Kaepernick To Make Herself Relevant?

Kaepernick's Girlfriend Nessa Sabotages Possible Ravens Signing

Can someone get Colin Kaepernick girlfriend Nessa a muzzle! Why is she sounding off on Ravens legend Ray Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti by calling them racists?

She is so OFF TRACK on this! Nessa is WRONG on many levels! This is why girlfriends, fiancees and wives NEED to let their professional athletic husbands speak for themself. Read on…

Why is Nessa Using Kaepernick To Make Herself Relevant?

CelebNSports247.com just got word that Hot 97 radio host, Nessa, has taken it upon herself to sabotage any chance of Colin Kaepernick getting signed by an NFL team

Nessa decided that she would speak for Colin by posting a photo of 2 guys who have made all sorts of news by talking about her boyfriend. Nessa FIRED SHOTS at Ravens legend Ray Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

In the photo Nessa posted she compared NFL legend Ray Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to characters from “Django Unchained” – Samuel L. Jackson’s slave-master-loving character and Leonardo DiCaprio’s racist master role.

Colin Kaepernick’s main lady made sure to tweet it to @RayLewis to let him know he’s an Uncle Tom, even though she has taken his message out of context.

Do you agree with Ness or NOT?

If you had any plans of getting back in the NFL, Nessa may believe that she’s looking out for you, but she’s not a NFL player, you are.

This all stems from Ray’s comments in which he advised Colin to keep his off-the-field activities, including social activism private. We don’t agree 100 with that, but narrow it down a little. Prince helped millions of people and he NEVER talked about it.

Lewis said:

“The football field is our sanctuary. If you do nothing else, young man, get back on the football field and let your play speak for itself. And what you do off the field, don’t let too many people know, because they gonna judge you anyway, no matter what you do, no matter if it’s good or bad.”


Ray makes perfect sense about Kaep’s situation, but we agree, Colin NEEDS to step up and speak for himself, Nessa NEEDS to #SDSU!



That didn’t help because on August 1st, Nessa called Ray a coward.  She let him have it with this tweet, but did she cross the line?

“We know exactly who you are @raylewis #coward who got off a murder trial bc you had money and fame. Smells like #oj ?”

Why is Nessa Using Kaepernick To Make Herself Relevant?

Nessa NEEDS to really let Colin speak for himself.

She reminds us of the girlfriend who talks shit in a bar and get someone like Colin Kaepernick in a fight.

Bottom line: Nessa no one cares about you or what you do, the star in your relationship is Colin Kaepernick. We care about him and what he’s doing. Stop using Kaep to make yourself relevant.

Just like Nessa, we speak our mind.