New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski Killed Trade

New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski Killed Trade

Hell NO Gronk Won’t Go! Did you know the New England Patriots tried to trade tight end Rob Gronkowski?

There is no one more dedicated and loyal to the Pats than tight end Rob Gronkowski!

During the offseason, Rob Gronkowski was in high demand, but the New England Patriots tight end wasn’t leaving. Read on to see what he did to stay… reports that New England Patriots had considered trading All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski.

According to Schefter, the Detroit Lions were actually “deep into trade discussions” with the Patriots during the week of the NFL Draft, but talks were shut down when Gronk said he didn’t want to play for the Lions or anywhere other than New England Patriots.

After last night’s 26-10 loss to the Lions, Gronk spoke the news that he was nearly traded.

Rob Gronkowski simply told reporters:

Yeah, it happened. Brady’s my quarterback, that’s all. Wasn’t going anywhere without Brady.

This morning, Brady backed up Gronk not wanting to play for any other team to WEEI (H/T ESPN).

He said:

I think that speaks to our relationship and I feel as strongly about him as he does about me. I love the guy. He’s had a big impact on my career — personally and professionally. Like I said, I’m very lucky to play with him and we’re going to keep fighting.

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