NFLPA Shows True Colors Adopting a Racist and ‘un-American’ Policy

NFLPA Files Grievance Over NFL’s Anthem Policy

Like we stated before, today, the NFLPA showed their True Colors, it’s called #Racism becuase the NFLPA co-warded down to President Trump’s social media banter.

The man who represents America and yet violates the first Amendment on the daily via social media. We don’t see anyone telling him to shut up. Thank GOD we have Stephen Colbert every night to break it down how dump America was to vote in a reality TV star who runs the country like a The Apprentice. Read on…

NFLPA Shows True Colors Adopting a Racist and ‘un-American’ is speaking out against the NFL Adopting ‘un-American’ Racist Policy to combat national anthem protests.

Today we took to Twitter to make our voice heard. Are you listening?

What is most annoying with the #NFLPA #RULING is #Trump violates the #FirstAmendment everyday on #socialmedia and we don’t see a policy to shut him up? And they say this is a #racist act? Hello #RACISM welcome to 2018! #CelebNSports247 @CNS24_7

If you recall, The NFL’s new policy comes after nearly two years of controversy after former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem as part of a protest against police brutality.

Has police brutality ended?

No, it continues o go on, Why isn’t Trump putting a stop to that? Did the NFLPA take a second to realize why Colin Kaepernick was kneeling? He was a voice for the people and of the people who were unable to be heard.

Has Colin been hired by a NFL Team?

NOPE! he has gone trough a series of hopefuls, but the most disturbing was Seahawks, because of the lynching meme that surfaced. Yet, the NFLPA continues to believe their new policy is NOT racist. #SMH

Today, Trump and the NFLPA have silenced the voice, just like our past when the took out Martin Luther King Jr, or when the killed President John F Kennedy. Be #Woke America, Kaepernick was trying to make Americans see the social injustice in the world by kneeling against the very thing our country was built on. Yesterday, 6ix9ine denied attacking a police office calling it a “corrupt system.” TI spoke out in anger over two women being brutally attacked by a security guard at Houston’s in Atlanta.

We aren’t even touching on the constant hate crime headlines that happened around the US on the daily.

Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling speaks out against oppression, and the old white men at the top holding the strings on their puppets to control and conform America into believing a voice for the people should be silenced and not embraced.

If America would just realize what is going on around them instead of what is happening on their phone, Facebook or who is cool and who is NOT, change could be made. Instead, oppression and control lives strong because we all own a cellphone and that is the easiest way for our leader to keep everyone in their own lane, stay broke, while the flourish in wealth without remorse or regard.

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill said it best today on the NFLPA New Policy via Twitter:

Standing in the locker room where no one can see you is not protest. It’s erasure. The players cannot accept this. If the NFL players want to resist, they should ALL remain in the locker room during the anthem.

NFLPA Shows True Colors Adopting a Racist and ‘un-American’ Policy

Where do you stand on the NFLPA new policy?

Food for thought…No information to live by…now what are you going to do America?