’50 Shades of Nick’: Nick Young Hog Tied Photo Surfaces

'50 Shades of Nick': Nick Young Hog Tied Photo Surfaces

Wait hold up! Nick Young aka Swaggy P just got put on BLAST by Gilbert Arenas, to provided the photo proof that Nick got the stripper treatment!

Flip and get more tea on Nick Young Hog Tied on a bed…

'50 Shades of Nick': Nick Young Hog Tied Photo Surfaces

CelebNSports247.com has just received a photo of Nick Swaggy P Young getting the stripper treatment during his rookie hazing back in 2007.

If you recall, Nick Young was a 1st round pick of the Washington Wizards. It was also the same year that Gilbert Arenas was a superstar.

Word is, one of the hazing rituals Young had to endure, was he had to be hog-tied in his hotel room surrounded by cash.

Arenas posted a #TBT and called it “50 Shades of Nick” and added:

“When i found @swaggyp1 hogged tied in his room, his rookie season ????#50shadesofNick welcome to stripping game playa #hazingTherook #wizDays”

Oh, memories, aren’t they beautiful when it’s making fun of someone else? Right, Gilbert?

We wonder how this would go over these days?


This looks like fun hazing, but these days hazing has been near criminalized. We remember hazing our fraternity and man if you only new the shhh we had to endure. It made you want to f—someone up for the humiliating and treacherous things we had to go through. Never forgot any of it, but it instilled great respect and leadership skills.

Those are things no one can teach you. “Through struggle and strive comes greatness!”