Odell Beckham Jr Dating Insta THOT; Aaron Hernandez Poor Excuse

Odell Beckham Jr Dating Insta THOT; Aaron Hernandez Lawyer Ridiculous Angle

BITES: Odell Beckham Jr said no to Khloe Kardashian, but the New York Giants wide receiver decided to go with Insta THOT, Stephanie Acevedo. Meanwhile Aaron Hernandez Lawyer comes up with ridiculous poor excuse!!!

Flip and get the tea being spilled about Odell Beckham Jr Dating Insta THOT and the poor excuse by Aaron Hernandez Lawyer

Odell Beckham Jr Dating Insta THOT; Aaron Hernandez Lawyer Ridiculous Angle

CelebNSports247.com thought it was a RUMOR, but we stand corrected because Odell Beckham Jr’s people, and folks inside Cash Money Records say its true.

According to inside sources Odell Beckham Jr is off the market for now.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Cash Money “rapper” and model Stephanie Acevedo. It appears the Insta THOT has grabbed his attention 100%. What we find strange is how two camps “confirm” a relationship before the public ever saw pics.

Doesn’t this sound like a PR stunt to put Insta THOT, Stephanie Acevedo on the map. We’re filing this as RUMOR!

What do you think of Odell Beckham Jr dating a THOT?

Odell Beckham Jr Dating Insta THOT; Aaron Hernandez Lawyer Ridiculous Angle

Aaron Hernandez Lawyer’s Ridiculous Poor Excuse:

On the flip side, after Aaron Hernandez was identified as the gunman this week, the former New England Patriots’ Lawyer Has ridiculous new angle.

This sounds like it was a plot out of a Tom Clancy novel, or one of Hillary Clinton’s poor excuse about her emails. Many of us see this scenario as an absurd load of horse ?! But get a load of what the lawyer for former New England Patriots tight end and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez is claiming.

Attorney George Leontire said, via NECN:

“It could be a Russian hacker, with all respect, like WikiLeaks, who was able to backdoor into the system. We don’t know.”

Leontire’s claim stems from a breach in Hernandez’s telephone conversations from jail prior to him being convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd back in 2013.

It’s interesting that this comes a little more than a month before Hernandez himself is set to stand trial for the shooting deaths of two men outside a Boston nightclub.

Yeah, somehow, somewhere in Russia there are hackers who care more about Aaron Hernandez, than anything in politics. This is the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard. It’s as dumb as all the Americans who voted Trump into office.