OMG, Michigan QB Dylan McCaffrey Nearly Lost His Head

OMG, Michigan QB Dylan McCaffrey Nearly Lost His Head

Sometimes college football is just as violent as the NFL. We are surprised these guys survive the hits to the head.

On Saturday during Wisconsin vs Michigan game, Badgers safety Reggie Pearson pummeled through Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey during their Big Ten match up. Read on to see Reggie Pearson run through McCaffrey like nothing… reports that The Badgers absolutely humiliated the Wolverines in a 35-14 blowout, but things got ugly when Dylan McCaffrey, younger brother of Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey, nearly lost his head in a play.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh opted for a quarterback change in the first half, putting in Dylan McCaffrey.

In the second half, though, McCaffrey absorbed a brutal hit on a 5-yard run. The defender lowered his shoulder and hit McCaffrey in the head/neck area. It looked like he snapped hs neck the hit was so hard.

McCaffrey had to leave the game (after entering the contest in relief of the struggling Shea Patterson), while Pearson was ejected for targeting.

Take a look in slo-mo:

This was just too much…

Following the game the defender who hit McCaffrey — Reggie Pearson — took to Twitter to send a message to the Michigan QB.

This was a classy move by Wisconsin safety. Especially considering Pearson was ejected for the hit.

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