Padres + Dodgers Fans Are Becoming TOO MUCH Fighting

Padres + Dodgers Fans Are Becoming TOO MUCH Fighting

San Diego Padres + Los Angeles Dodgers fans NEED to stop fighting over stupid!

On Thursday, the San Diego Padres hit the field for their home opener and fans were optimistic that the team can actually play some good baseball in 2019. While over in Los Angeles, s few female Dodgers fans got into a drunken fight.

Then this happened and it’s just uncalled for. It’s baseball people, we can all have opinions while loving the sport. Continue on to see the pathetic fighting… reports that somewhere near the stadium, a bunch of Padres fans got into a verbal altercation with other Padres fans and it led to an all-out brawl between the same fan base.

And, then this happened after the Padres game in San Diego. (above) #SMH

That’s NOT all, during the Los Angeles Dodgers greatest home openers of all time with a record eight home runs to power past Diamondbacks. The Dodgers’ pursuit of their seventh straight NL West title, third consecutive pennant and first championship in more than three decades began with a booming 12-5 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium.

A bunch of Lady Dodgers fans let their emotions get the best of them and decided it was time to throw down while people watched on or tried to break them up.

Drinking + baseball + ignorance = fighting like this. So Sad.

Yes, this happened via TotalProSports:

TPS was the first to report these stupid fights…

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