Panthers Cam Newton Admits He Needs To Be A Better Quarterback

Panthers Cam Newton Admits He Needs To Be A Better Quarterback

The Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was hit with a barrage of question about Sunday’s season-opening loss to the Rams during a press conference on Wednesday.

The Carolina Panthers have won just 1 single game over the past nine regular-season games, and that was after the team was 6-2 at one point during the 2018 season. But its being reported that Cam Newton got a bit snippy with questioning… has the latest from the Carolina Panthers press conference where quarterback Cam Newton was asked about being 100% vegan, and his ability to throw deep.

Cam Newton’s longest completion against the Rams was only 17 yards down the field.

An NFL quarterback is expected to throw at least 60 yards with accuracy. For example, guys like Vinny Testaverde and Michael Vick had insane arms, and players like Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford can fling it 70+ yards today with ease.

Newton is nowhere close to that, which raised some familiar concerns about Newton’s arm strength and throwing shoulder in light of his second surgery this offseason.

You could tell Cam was not in a mood to have some reporter question his deep ball. (above)

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