Panthers Show Off #1 Offense Despite Cam Newton Hater

Panthers Show Off #1 Offense Despite Cam Newton Hater

The Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton recently dropped this dope video of he and his teammates showing off what that #1 offense look like!

Continue on to watch the video of the Carolina Panthers and what their #1 offense looks like… is also reporting that a Panthers fan is lashing out against the Carolina team after having lost two of their 8 games.

See, the Carolina Panthers came into 2018 pounding hard as they won six out of their first eight games.

The team has lost their steam and are now showing signs of fatigue. They just lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions in back-to-back weeks.

And, of course, there is always that one fan who is so upset that he is burning his Jersey. We guess he doesn’t like Cam’s razzle-dazzle?

According to TotalProSports, the Panthers fan is NOT happy with the team losing two games, so he is blaming Cam Newton.

The Panthers fan says he wants a QB that’s more accurate and doesn’t dress like a pimp. This is why he is burning his jersey. #SMH

What a damn fool.

Check it:

What is so pathetic is that he claims that he is tired of making excuses for Cam. Um, bro, you don’t know him like that, get a life or something. #SMH

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