Patriots Kyle Van Noy Felt Sunday’s Booing Was ‘Disrespectful’

Patriots Kyle Van Noy Felt Sunday's Booing Was 'Disrespectful'

Patriots Kyle Van Noy Felt Sunday’s Booing Was ‘Disrespectful’!

As we previously reported New England Patriots fans BOOED Tom Brady and the rest of the team during Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.  Now, defensive end Kyle Van Noy is weighing in saying he was having no part of it. Read on…

Patriots Kyle Van Noy Felt Sunday's Booing Was 'Disrespectful' reports that Van Noy, who is in his sixth NFL season, told NBC Sports Boston he felt like the booing was “disrespectful.”

Kyle Van Noy feels that The Patriots shouldn’t get booed in the middle of the game.

I thought it was disrespectful…But it is what it is.

Van Noy denied that the booing bothered him. He asked that the fans bring a bit more “positivity” to Gillette Stadium.

Kyle said to Fox News Boston:

Obviously, It sucks when it doesn’t go the way we want, but know that we’re all trying. We’re trying to put the best product on the field. We’re not trying to disappoint anyone. Just imagine as a fan or a media person that our feelings are probably 100 times more. Our livelihoods are on the line and we want to win.

Meanwhile, like we previously reported, Brady shrugged off the negative fan reaction stating:

Tom Brady said during an after the game conference:

You hear cheers, you hear boos, that’s part of being in sports.

The problem is that Patriots fans are spoiled and entitled now that their team has been one of the most successful NFL dynasties in sports. They expect excellence all the time, but they forget ALL teams winning streaks come to an end. The team is coming off a sixth Super Bowl title and has made the playoffs 10 consecutive seasons and are on the verge of making the postseason for an 11th straight time.

Though New England needs to win on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

If not expect more boos.