Patriots Release A Statement on Antonio Brown Accusations

Patriots Release A Statement on Antonio Brown Accusations

According to the New England Patriots, they were completely unaware that Antonio Brown was facing sexual assault and rape accusations when the team signed him last week.

As we previously reported, Antonio Brown is currently under investigation by the NFL after being accused of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape. Read on to see the Patriots Statement… has the latest from Antonio Brown who was recently running around and flying like a free bird in his backyard after the news the Raiders released him.

The Patriots release a Statement since Antonio Brown has left one troubled situation and landed into another pot of boiling stew because this issue is way bigger than wanted to leave a team.

First, he had problems with the Steelers, then this summer his feet were burned from cryofreezing, then helmetgate and finally wanting out of his contract with the Raiders because his guaranteed money was voided.

Well, it appears that Antonio Brown may be facing a more stringent punishment since he will be facing some serious legal woes after being accused of 3 separate sexual assaults from the same woman.

It really isn’t adding up, because after the first incident, its shame on her. You don’t get sexually assaulted by the same man three different times and say nothing until now.

What will the NFL do about Antonio Brown?

This is why we feel she is doing this to sabotage AB for leaving the Raiders.

The Patriots are now left with a decision on what to do with Antonio. They apparently are pleading the 5th when it comes to knowledge about the incident by releasing the statement above confirming it is aware of the lawsuit.

Brown is expected to be at practice today but Mark Maske of the Washington Post is reporting the NFL will “give serious consideration” of placing Brown on the Commissioner-Exempt list while the investigation plays out.

The crazy thing is this, if AB is found guilty of these allegations (right now this is a civil case), Brown will be facing much stiffer penalties than just losing his guaranteed money.

Nevertheless, the Patriots have an avenue to recoup the money they’ve invested in Brown if the language of this contract does indeed mean what it seems to, according to the BigLead.

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