Patriots Tom Brady BOOED By Fans

Patriots Tom Brady BOOED By Fans

Patriots Tom Brady BOOED By Fans!

The New England Patriots are having another rough game Sunday against the Chiefs and it seems like their fans are as frustrated with QB Tom Brady.

Tom Brady and the Patriots were heavily BOOED as the team headed to the locker room at halftime. Read on… reports Tom Brady has frustrated Patriot fas nationwide when he chose to throw a pass to Julian Edelman instead of WR Jakobi Myers.

Take a look at the play and then listen to the Patriots fans reactions:

As reported by ForTheWin, the Patriots scored on their first possession Sunday on a nice flea-flicker TD pass from Brady to Julian Edelman but then the offense went back to looking awful as Brady was often rushed in the pocket and they couldn’t get anything going.

The Chiefs took a 20-7 lead into the half and added a field goal early in the third quarter.

The Patriots have won six Super Bowls since 2001 but fans at Gillette Stadium want more from this year’s team. Like the Warriors, The Patriots are having a crappy year. Maybe they do need Antonio Brown because Brady is looking like Shhh. We get why The Patriots receive an F+++++ from  Shannon Sharpe.

Obviously, the BOOING has weighed heavy on Tom Brady who has looked terrible for the past two weeks.

Tom Brady tells the press, “you hear cheers you hear boos.”:

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