Phillies Jean Segura + Marlins Jorge Alfaro Collision Video

Phillies Jean Segura Collides with Marlins Jorge Alfaro in Face

Talk about a dicey situation on the field, but this one is definitely one of them. During the Philadelphia Phillies vs Miami Marlins game, they gave up seven runs in the sixth inning as Phillies won series finale.

It was NOT the best day for the Marlins, but that isn’t the half of it. During the game, there was a memorable collision between Phillies Jean Segura and Marlins Jorge Alfaro. Read on… reports that the Phillies vs Marlins catcher Jorge Alfaro found himself taking one in the face for the team by Phillies infielder Jean Segura.

Jorge Alfaro probably didn’t see this coming when Phillies Jean Segura made a run for home plate and score. Alfaro tried to block Segura, he lost track of the ball and hastily tried to clean things up as Philadelphia’s Jean Segura made a run for it.

In the end, Segura scored, but Alfaro got clobbered right in his face. You could tell he was shook after the impact.

Luckily, the catcher earned a modicum of revenge not long after when he clubbed a two-run home run, but this game has been pretty much all Phillies.

This was one of those insult-to-injury situations for unlucky Alfaro.

Take a look:

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