Why Pro Gamer FaZe Dumped Hot Weather Woman / Gold Digger Girlfriend

Why Pro Gamer FaZe Dumped Hot Weather Woman / Gold Digger Girlfriend

Finally, Pro Gamer FaZe which was probably at this weekends TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose is coming clean on why he DUMPED his hot Mexican weather woman Yanet Garcia girlfriend.

Men, after you hear the real reason why FaZe dumped weather woman Yanet Garcia, you will agree it was the right thing to do. Continue on…

CelebNSports247.com has the latest tea spilling on Pro Gamer FaZe, born Doug Censor Martin, who has decided to finally set the record straight on why he dumped his gold digger girlfriend.

To recap, a few months ago, reports surfaced that FaZe had suddenly broken up with Yanet and it had to do with him choosing Call of Duty over her?

No, you would think that was stupid and excessive, but when you hear what he has to say you’ll get it. If Not, then you may just be one of those thirsty desperate guys who have to pay for a hot chick to date you. #SMH

The TwitchCon star gamer FaZe explains:

I see all over social media that I took a big L, that I dumped the hottest girl in the world. At first, I thought I’ll roll with the memes. Now, it’s to a point where people generally think this is how it went down.

Martin claims Garcia attempted to score a percentage of his YouTube earnings & was controlling over his other relationships.

He adds:

Everything started to turn when I mentioned to her how much money could be made on YouTube. At this time, YouTube wasn’t really that mainstream. Nobody really respected YouTube as a profession as they do now. So, when she understood how much money I was making on YouTube, she wanted to get a percentage of the videos I was making.

Martin says he fully understood why she wanted a percentage because her celebrity and popularity was helping drive views, but he states he was already paying her bills and supporting her financially.

He concluded his video by saying:

I “felt really embarrassed and ashamed to break up with this sexy, hot girl, because I was afraid of getting flamed and roasted on social media. I didn’t help myself by saying it was for Call of Duty.”

On that note we will leave you with Kanye West who sums it all up with his hit song “Gold Digger”:

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