Rachel Bush CLAPS BACK at Jordan Poyer Side Chick

Rachel Bush CLAPS BACK at Jordan Poyer's Side Chick

Like We said, Buffalo Bills Free Safety Jordan Poyer wasted his time getting married to Rachel Bush.

Their marriage has been a mess with all the cheating and now the public announcements are just insane. Rachel Bush is now Clapping back at Summer Rae annihilation on social media over Jordan Poyer. Read on…

Rachel Bush CLAPS BACK at Jordan Poyer's Side ChickCelebNSports has the latest tea spilling in regards to Jordan Poyer marriage when it comes to his wife Rachel Bush who was caught fighting his side piece.

Women need to understand if your man, like Jordan Poyer, is going to wife you and then get a side chick, it’s NOT worth the pain and embarrassment.

The only problem is that Rachel Bush cheated on him, so its basically Karma biting her in the but. And let’s not forget that Rachel was also his side chick when he was engaged to Mattie. She ended up marrying him, but she was only faithful for a minute.

On Wednesday, Summer Rae put her on BLAST for cheating on Jordan Poyer and Rachel isn’t liking any of it!

She FIRED BACK saying:

Last comment I will make on this situation so it is VERY clear to everyone. I fucked up. Jordan got his feelings hurt. Lashed out with some little hoe in his DMs at the time from Buffalo.

The girl is crazy and won’t stop texting Jordan or me. I read texts of her crazy ass speaking on MY CHILD and family situation. YES, I got big mad. The end lol.

Now what I decide to do with my life and my daughter from here on out is completely up to me.

Here is the series of tweets, texts and more Rachel posted on her Instagram Live feed today:

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