Raiders Working Hard To Replace QB Derek Carr

Raiders Working Hard To Replace QB Derek Carr

Raiders Working Hard To Replace QB Derek Carr!

OK Las Vegas Raiders fans, apparently Derek Carr’s status as the team’s starting quarterback for next year has been put up in the air.

Carr had a career-high in passing yards this season with 4,054, and he threw just eight interceptions while starting all 16 games. Well, that wasn’t good enough to get the franchise into the playoffs. So, the Raiders are already wanting him replaced Read on…


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Thanks for another home game #RaiderNation … on to the next one! ????

A post shared by Derek Carr (@derekcarrqb) on reports that the new Las Vegas Raiders are working hard to replace quarterback Derek Carr.

And here is the tea spill, publicly the team is still showing support for carr, but privately, they are reportedly doing their due diligence to get rid of him.

Basically, they’re smiling in front of cameras while working to throw him to the curb.

The Athletic reports:

Meanwhile the Raiders, for all their messages about loving Carr, have been working behind the scenes to find a replacement. I have written several times about the disconnect between Carr and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and this quarterback market is too tempting for Gruden to ignore. Carr has trade value, which is why everyone from the Raiders always says beautiful things about his future when speaking publicly. But Carr has no future in Las Vegas and Gruden will do everything in his power to fix the position. Will Brady entertain Vegas? It’s hard for me to see Gruden and Brady co-existing even though both men have a competitive drive. The Raiders’ offensive line would be appealing to Brady, but would he be willing to run the West Coast offense after so many years in his offense? Call me skeptical.

I could see the Raiders making a move for Ryan Tannehill if the Titans do not franchise him. Tannehill would give Gruden the athlete he covets at the position, a player capable of making something out of nothing when the play breaks down. Would Tannehill serve as a good bridge player? Yes, though that’s nothing to get too excited about in the long term, because to beat the Chiefs and Mahomes in the AFC West, Gruden is going to need to find his elite player of the future, not just a bridge.

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