Rampage Jackson Rips 50 Cent A New One

Rampage Jackson Rips 50 Cent A New One

Earlier this month, 50 Cent called out Quinton “Rampage” Jackson via Facebook, saying he’d beat him in a fight.

Read on to see why Rampage is calling 50 Cent

Rampage Jackson Rips 50 Cent A New OneProbably NOT the best guy to call out when it comes to the MMA, but let’s not forget that Rampage beat out 50 Cent for the Mr. T role in the movie version of the A-Team.

Fiddy said this about Rampage via Facebook:

Don’t get it f–ked up in the worst Jackson around this motherfucker. Now if we can get the money right Rampage got a problem on his hands. #wherethebag at?

It’s Mr. Jackson vs Mr. Jackson! That would be interesting, but we doubt 50 would be heading to the cage to face off anytime soon.

It was a typical stir the pot moment from Curtis Jackson, but the 39-year-old MMA star wasn’t buying any of it, and now he’s calling him out.

Quinton Jackson stated last week on Instagram, making it clear there isn’t any substance to the trash talk.

This afternoon 50 struck again by posting a video having a conversation with Michael Venom Page stirring the pot once again to see if Rampage will bite!

I’m starting to like this MMA shit, the knockouts are crazy. This kid MVP 12-0 ain’t no joke @MichaelvenomPage.?get the strap!

When Venom asked him to step into the cage, Curtis quickly declined!

Check it: