Rams Star Robert Woods Gets Restraining Order Against Crazy Ex-GF

Rams Star Robert Woods Gets Restraining Order Against Ex-GF

Rams Star Robert Woods Gets Restraining Order Against Ex-GF!

It’s no secret that exes can cause some serious drama. And this has been what’s been happening to 27-year-old Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods who is happily married to Alexandra Barbee. Woods has an ex-girlfriend that just won’t let him go. Read on to see why Robert Woods got a restraining order against his crazy ex girlfriend…

CelebNSports247.com reports that Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods has basically being terrorized by an angry ex-girlfriend Ca’Ron Fowlkes who feels she should be his wife.

It appears that Ca’Ron Fowlkes is making herself look utterly desperate, crazy and more after she showed up to his property earlier this month around 1 AM with her crew and tried coaxing him outside so they could jump Robert Woods.

Yeah, that’s not crazy and a bit psycho at all. OMG! #SMH

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Woods claims he woke up to the gate’s call box ringing non-stop. He says when he checked security footage, he noticed Fowlkes and her crew…who were crouching and covering their faces to avoid getting picked up on security cameras!

Robert says he answered and Fowlkes responded, “Come outside, bitch” … insinuating she wanted to fight him. Woods called cops and Fowlkes left … but cops later found her near his residence. Cops issued an emergency protective order, but it expired last week.

He claims this isn’t the first time she’s harassed him … he says she previously showed up to his property, pulled into his driveway and, again, continually rang the call box. Woods claims Fowlkes once also called his cell phone and went on an expletive-laced rant.

Not only that, but the former USC football star also claims Fowlkes is harassing his wife via e-mail and social media. Basically cyber-bullying her.

LAPD is still investigating, but in the meantime, a judge has signed off on Woods’ request for a temporary restraining order against his ex.

Robert Woods got married back in 2018, so it’s crazy that his ex still keeps coming around. She must be pissed that he’s an NFL player making bank and she’s still where she was when the broke up. But whose fault is that but hers.

We hope she is arrested because you never know what crazy might do. Stay safe Robert Woods. Fowlkes must now stay at least 100 yards away from him, his wife and the workplace.

Robert made sure to post a photo of himself embracing his wife Alexandra Barbee following the incident to let everyone know he’s married to this woman:


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Alexandra said this:

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