Redskins Linebacker Zach Brown Exposed by IG THOT

Redskins Linebacker Zach Brown Exposed by IG THOT

Self-made porn star, Brittney Jones is apparently relishing going viral with some new EXPOSURES before the 2018 year comes to a close.

There is nothing like a THOT putting your business out there for the holidays and self-gain. #SMH Read on to see whose business she is putting out… first wants to take you a few years back when Brittney Jones surfaced on the map.

Brittney Jones, the so-called self-made porn star went viral after posting her ridiculous head giving skills in various places. Her most notable moment was a courthouse during business hours that ultimately got her arrested.

Anyways, the porn star and stripper was back at it this weekend to do some exposing just before 2018 closes.

This time her victims include R&B singer Trey Songz and Redskins linebacker Zach Brown.

Brittney has no shame in her game so she posted this video of tweets from Trigga. (above)

Next, on her holiday lists of EXPOSURE is Washington Redskins linebacker Zach Brown:

One follower pointed out:

U know celebrities and athletes value discretion right? The attention you get from this isn’t going to add up to the benefits you’re losing out on now that you’ve scared potential celebs away. The clout ain’t worth it.