Reggie Bush Side Chick Ready To Give Birth

Reggie Bush Side Chick Ready To Give Birth

Just when you thought the Reggie Bush Side Chick pregnancy was a RUMOR, more details surface on Bush’s allegedly impregnated Miami waitress Monique Exposito!!!

Flip and get the tea spilling on Reggie Bush side chick ready to give birth…

Reggie Bush Side Chick Ready To Give Birth previously told you about the Buffalo Bills baller Reggie Bush, who tried to pay his mistress $3 million to get an abortion.

The hush money didn’t work, but she got paid!

Of course, Monique Exposito agreed to have the abortion, but NEVER did. Now she is six months pregnant with his seed.

Yes, a baby Reggie is on the way!

The baby is due on February 12, 2017, yes an Aquarius baby. Get this, Exposito has listed her baby registry online and she’s not skimping on the luxuries for her little tyke.

Exposito is registered at Babies R Us where she has listed nearly 150 items in her registry. She wants the finer things for her baby like a $700 dresser, $700 stroller and a $500 chair. The entire registry is approximately $7,500, should Reggie Bush decide to front all the items himself.

We guess happy baby mama keeps the lawyers away?

Baller Alert reports:

NOPE, we were wrong, according to inside sources Exposito has hired Florida attorney Marwan Porter. Shs is definitely on the come up because she is gunning for child support. As for a DNA test, Reggie will own up to his responsibilities should tests prove he is the father.

Reggie already has two children with his wife Lilit. Back in August we noticed that Lilit was posting thirst traps on Instagram. Around that time Reggie was informed about his new baby and was FORCED to leave training camp to keep his wife. Maybe he can pull a Kobe Bryant and just buy a bunch of nice jewelry to keep her happy and stay married.

What would you do if your man cheated on you, and you were raising his babies?

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