RGIII Ex Wife Rebecca Griffin Responds; Seen ‘Better Days’

What Does RGIII Ex Wife Rebecca Griffin Have to Say

While Robert Griffin III is all smiles about his new engagement to Grete Sadeiko and his new baby on the way. His ex Rebecca Griffin is staying a cool calm.

Rebecca Griffin was spotted just hours ago making a slightly subliminal post…

What Does RGIII Ex Wife Rebecca Griffin Have to Say

CelebNSports247.com has the most recent response from Rebecca Griffin and it’s actually mellow since she said she was in search of her youth in April.

Rebecca Griffin downplays the engagement news by saying:

“Here for the wifi ?”

RGIII Ex Wife Rebecca Griffin Responds; Seen ‘Better Days’:

Prior to that, Rebeeca said that she was “searching for my youth ?” while yachting outside of the Pleasure Island Tiki Bar in Alabama.  But she hasn’t been afraid to say that she’s seen “better days,” since the split. All we can say is that it looks like a great place to be on the water and getting some sun.


Basically, Rebecca is no longer concerned with Robert and his new fiancee, since she’s seen “new perspectives” in her life.  It obviously didn’t work out, so she’s moved on. As for her, Twitter, it’s basically dead in the water since she hasn’t made a post since 2013.

We say good for Rebecca, there is more d in the sea, and if it didn’t work out with Robert leave it in the past.

What do you think about Rebecca NOT responding to the news that RG3 got engaged to Grete Sadeiko. The two recently celebrated her graduation last week as well, so it’s been a week of exciting news and happy moments for Robert. While, Rebecca enjoys the single life again.

What do you think about RG3’s wife? Has she moved on? Thoughts?