Rob Kardashian Wants to Fight Tristan Thompson

Rob Kardashian Wants to Fight Tristan Thompson

While the Thirst is REAL for Khloe Kardashian on keeping her cheating man Tristan Thompson, he brother Rob Kardashian is NOT a fan!

Rob Kardashian, who was tight with Khloe’s ex Lamar Odom, is NOT a fan of her new baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. Read on for the tea spilling…

Rob Kardashian Wants to Fight Tristan has learned that Rob Kardashian wants to have a word with the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward.

Rob Kardahian tells TMZ, he cant stand Tristan Thompson. In fact, Khloe Kardashian’s brother thinks Tristan is an “a**hole”

The only Kardashian man in the family says that he’ll never be able to let go of him disrespecting and embarrassing his closest sister while she was pregnant.

He also revealed that despite how much Khloe is trying to make it work, he is pressuring Khloe to dump him.

We’re told Rob Kardashian is adamant that Khloe deserves better than Tristan and should move on.

Khloe posted this video of baby True who also deserves a full time daddy, NOT one who is ricking her mother’s health by continually cheating with other women.

?Happy One Month True ?

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on agrees with Rob because Khloe is a fool if she thinks that Tristan will change.

A leopard NEVER changes its spots. If Khloe stays with him, she can expect more infidelity and heartbreak – plus she will look THIRSTY!

We get it, if Klhoe was our sister we would be all up in Tristan’s face for cheating, and yes there would be minimal words and lots of fists flying!

Khloe should listen to her brother and sisters, because lets be real, Tristan is pond slim. Any man who has a track record of bailing on his pregnant fiance twice NEEDS to be DUMPED! He did it to Jordy Criag and now Khloe. The only smart one in this matter is Jordy for making sure to NEVER go back to him and looking like and utter idiot.

Khloe really NEEDS to #WakeUp and realize Tristan is NEVER going to change his cheating way. He will just tell he what she wants to hear, and that will take a toll on her NOT him. Playing second best to a man you might marry is humiliating. Khloe will forever be the punchline while his side chicks will laugh at her for being THIRSTY.

Good luck Rob!

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