Seahawks Player Threatens to Smoke Ezekiel Elliott

Seahawks Player Threatens to Smoke Ezekiel Elliott

On Sunday the NFL had some shockers that even took some of the Seattle Seahawks players by surprise.

This is what happens when a hot mic was somewhere near the field during the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys game.

After Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott got tackled, someone on the Seahawks defense could be heard yelling:

I’ll smoke that n***a!

That’s fighting words if you ask us but read on to hear what someone said after Ezekiel Elliott got tackled. And yes it came from one of the Seattle Seahawks players… has the latest word exchanger between one of the Seattle Seahawks players who was heard threatening Ezekiel Elliott.

What the hell are they coming for Zeke?

What they didn’t know is that everything got caught on the mic threatening Ezekiel Elliott, so it didn’t matter that someone was trying to tell’em:

The microphone is hot, I repeat the mic is HOT!

Twitter was sounding off all day about what they heard. Damn has football become that serious for some of the players to want to “smoke” another player? Isn’t that their job to run, tackle and do it all over again?

Whoever said that might need to reread their contract and see what they’re duties are on the field, because the hostility was a bit much.

Seahawks Player Threatens to Smoke Ezekiel Elliott

What do you think about the verbal threat against Ezekiel Elliott?

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