Seahawks EXPOSE Weakness With Ezekiel Elliott’s Game

Seahawks EXPOSE Weakness With Ezekiel Elliott’s Game

You might say that The Seattle Seahawks have thrown a wrench in Ezekiel Elliott’s game.

What’s been going on since it was heard that one of the Seahawks wanted to “smoke” Ezekiel Elliott?

Read on to what’s going on with Dallas Cowboys dysfunctional views on Ezekiel Elliott ability to run the ball to victory…

Seahawks EXPOSE Weakness With Ezekiel Elliott’s has learned that the Dallas Cowboys Defensive coordinators must account for Ezekiel Elliott ‘s presence.

After last Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks, Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott admitted that the team’s loss was his fault.

See, Seattle threw a wrench into this premise, one that should prove problematic for the Cowboys moving forward.

Despite, Zeke’s 127 yards rushing was his third biggest output since his rookie season. During his career thus far, he’s averaged more than the 7.9 yards a carry he did against the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have EXPOSED the Cowboy’s predictable weakness. Whatever team plays the Cowboys, just accept that the Cowboys will feed the ball to Elliott, their best player. Don’t spend too much time trying to limit his touches.

Contain him the best you can while making sure you don’t allow quarterback Dak Prescott to become a consistent threat on the ground.

Concede those three-, four- and five-yard runs to Elliott so Tavon Austin doesn’t beat you over the top and Cole Beasley doesn’t wreak havoc in the seams. That’s why the Cowboys didn’t score a touchdown until they found themselves down 24-6 in the fourth quarter. – Sports News Dallas


So how will Ezekiel Elliott change that?

Elliott understands what the Seahawks have done and went to head coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan to lobby for more carries.

Their response:


Elliott said this about the teams first three games of the season:

I mean, I would love to see it more, but I just think the nature of the games we’ve played in these first three games, we’ve been down. We’ve been having to try to come back.

It’s hard to come back and try to run the ball. When you run out of time in the game you can’t just be sitting there trying to pound it. You can’t have nine-minute drives when you need to score in three possessions.

You know what I mean. You’ve got to conserve that clock and try to score as fast as you can.

Note: One out of every five completions Prescott has thrown this season have gone to Elliott.

Coach Garrett explains:

Sometimes he’s a high priority and sometimes he’s more of a check down. Certainly, what you want to do is be productive. Getting the ball in his hands is a good thing. Typically, his run after catch is pretty positive.

We’ll see who is right, Zeke or Coach Garrett. If Dallas continues like this, fans are going to look for a new team.

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